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                                                 *Medical Marijuana*

The Health Office of Compassionate Use (OCU) is charged with writing

and implement the department’s rules for medical cannabis, overseeing

the statewide Compassionate Use Registry, and licensing seven Florida

businesses to cultivate, process, and dispense medical cannabis to

qualified patients.

Amendment 2, and the expanded qualifying medical conditions, became

effective on January 3, 2017. Section 381.986 F.S. remains in effect and the

Florida Department of Health, physicians, dispensing organizations, and

patients remain bound by existing law and rule. The Department is committed to quickly moving through the rule making process to create a regulatory structure for Amendment 2. For information about the rule making process.

It is the responsibility of the qualified ordering physician to follow Florida constitution and statute, diagnose patients and determine if medical marijuana is an appropriate treatment. In partnership with law enforcement, enforcement actions initiated by the department against patients, doctors and businesses will be focused on those operating outside the regulatory structure in Florida law.

The department recommends speaking to your health care professional to determine if low-THC or medical cannabis products are right for you or your loved one. 

Medical marijuana prescription is available in Florida, however, remains illegal under federal law.

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