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Medmar Releaf Clinic Instructions


No appointment is necessary.  We have walk-in hours in our Mount Dora office Mon-Thurs 11:00-4:00. We go to lunch in Mt. Dora from 12:00-1:00. These hours periodically change, so please call first. Our Ormond Beach location is moving.


Tip- To speed up your visit go to and click patient forms to pre-register


The registration is $150, that includes a 45-day recommendation. There is a fee to the state for $75, you send that to them directly.  When you want to refill your prescription, simply call us.  It is $70 for 70 days.  If you are running out of your medication too early, you may need an increase in your prescription, in which case you can call us, and we can address it.  We electronically send your prescription to all the dispensaries. 


Please bring a drivers license or other form of valid id, any medical records.  Any diagnosis or reports from another doctor.


You will receive two emails from the state. When you get the email follow the link and log in, the first email is your login, which is your email address.  The second email will be a temporary password generated by the from MMU registry FL dept of health, log in and change your password. You will pay $75 online and in 1-2 weeks you should receive another email from the MMU registry saying that your card has been approved and you may now go to a dispensary to purchase your medication. 


If you dont have a computer and dont use email you can fill out the paper forms provided by us and send them into the state.


If you do not receive an email within an hour of leaving our office, you can call 1-800-808-9580 they can give you your login information or you can use your email as your login and go to forgot password and create a new password.

Gain Legal Access To Medical Marijuana

If you paid your $75 online and it has been a few weeks and you would like to check the status of your card you can call 1-800-808-9580.


Once you receive your email stating that your card has been approved and you would like to know where the nearest dispensary is located please visit our website and go to the dispensaries/treatment centers tab and that will show all the dispensaries located in Florida. We can not endorse or recommend any dispensaries, but currently Trulieve is the closest dispensary to all our office locations.  All dispensaries deliver.  All dispensaries have different prices and products, please check their individual websites for information on pricing.  We do not have that information. We are not a dispensary.  A valid driver's license, passport, or other valid form of identification. A list of medications you are taking, including dosages and directions. Any reports or diagnosis from your primary care physician. Pre-filled patient forms to make your visit faster. A The ways to take the medication are:

A.  Oral- pills, sublingual drops, edibles

B.  Inhalation- the flower(bud), oil (vaporizer pen)

C.Topical- lotion, patch, nasal spray for seizure patients only.

D.Rectal- suppositories


-You can choose two of each-

We generally recommend the inhalation and oral.  The inhalation starts working in about 5-10 minutes and lasts about 1-3 hours, the oral becomes fully effective after an hour and lasts from 4-6 hours.  People usually will use the vape pen, wait an hour then use the oral method.


There are two different classifications of medical marijuana, low THC and high THC.  The both possess the medicinal benefit; the high THC tends to give people a euphoric feeling.  Depending on your needs you may be eligible for both.  Most people use the low THC during the day, and the higher THC at night.  They should both help you sleep. 


The state can be frustrating to work with, be patient. Just remember, we are here to help at any time. There are a few dispensaries below closest to our offices.


Call or Text 386-487-4204


Trulieve                                                     Curaleaf

Oak Hills Professional Center                  877-303-0741

1394 US-441 #601                         

The Villages, FL



352-240-3805                                           888-441-5669                           



103 Boston Rd                                          Surterra Therapeutics

Edgewater, FL                                           850-391-5455






4544 North Orange Blossom Trail

Orlando, FL