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                                                 *Medical Marijuana*

 We provide access to safe, legal and reliable medical marijuana to patients suffering from physical disorders and chronic pain. Medmar is dedicated to providing compassionate care to our patients. This page will tell you exactly what to expect during your office visit. 

Make An Appointment with Our Medical Cannabis Doctor

The first step — is simply to make an appointment. You can use our convenient on-line appointment form, or call us at


We will arrange a convenient time for you to see our staff physician.

Attend Office Exam

The second step — is to arrive for your appointment. Upon your arrival we will have you fill out some forms in order to provide the necessary information our Medical Marijuana Doctor will need to assess your condition and needs. To speed up your office visit you may wish to download and fill out our patient forms directly from our web site. Your visit with our doctor will be discreet, respectful and fast.

Receive Recommendation

 The final step is to receive the doctor's recommendation and you're done.  You may visit any dispensary, or have them deliver to your house.  They will have your prescription that we sent them there. There may be a fee for the delivery. The person who delivers it is usually very knowledgeable and will answer your questions.  we are not affiliated with any particular dispensary. Yes, receiving a recommendation is that easy!

With our recommendation, you will be able to legally obtain medical marijuana by following your local laws and guidelines.


To speed up your office visit you may wish to download and fill out our patient forms directly from our web site. Your visit with our doctor will be discreet, respectful and fast.

Gain Legal Access To Medical Marijuana

We will electronically send your recommendation to all the dispensaries from our physician stating that you have been evaluated in our clinic for a medical condition, which may benefit from the use of medical marijuana.

With this recommendation you will be permitted possession of medical marijuana in quantities pursuant to the legal guidelines in your state.  Note, we are not a dispensary.

Entered Into a 24/7 Patient Data Base

We will include you in our patient data base which can be accessed 24/7 by authorities wishing to verify your legal status. Once you finish your registration with state, they will email or send you a card to carry with you. It contains the information that authorities will need to verify your legal status either by phone or internet.
This card along with your physicians recommendation will allow you to safely and legally use medical marijuana.


A valid driver's license, passport, or other valid form of identification. A list of medications you are taking, including dosages and directions. Any reports or diagnosis from your primary care physician. Pre-filled patient forms to make your visit faster.

We are here to answer your questions.  Our care and concern for you does not end with your visit. We are here for you. Contact us to answer any questions you may have at any time. Browse our on-line resources. Information on medical marijuana research, Informative links, benefits of medical marijuana and risks of cannabis use. All the information and news that you will find useful and relevant.

Give us a call, or fill out our easy contact form and let us answer all your questions today.

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